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Yoga Pilates Circle Yoga Wheel

  • Description:

  • The necessity of Yoga and Stretching: Our wheels can provide you with yoga postures, strong support for stretching and bending, improve your flexibility and balance, and reduce your stress and tension. They are suitable for anyone, regardless of his or her fitness level.
  • High quality: Provide maximum support for challenging postures, and can withstand a weight of more than 200kg.
  • Super useful props: The yoga wheel was originally designed to help increase flexibility and athletic ability. This is the perfect fitness tool for yoga. It is a back stretcher for beginners.
  • Environmental protection material: Made of TPE foam, very environmentally friendly. Unlike other products wrapped in PVC or EVA, the pad has grip, can maintain a good original shape, is soft and comfortable, and can be between the shoulders to the waist or under the feet.
  • A good helper for yoga: Open your back, chest, hips, and shoulders in the most advantageous way.

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